weigh in (1st nov 2012) – nearly 8 wks post op

Hey Everyone

Lots been going on this week and as a result i think its actually helped my weightloss , our son was admitted into hospital again for the third time this year with breathing issues , as a result food was a bit few and far between and we kinda ate when we could inbetween treatments and doctors. So when i weighted myself today i was happy to see a nearly 4lb loss (3.7lb) to be exact , i now weigh 126.9kg / 279.8kg / 19st 13lb…. believe when i say i havent seen those numbers on a scale for long while at least 6/7 years so thats a real achievment for me. my total weightloss now is 47.7lb/21.6kg /3st 5lb                    

Food & Drink + Exercise

Food has been hard latly , i feel a little stuck in the rut with the fact that certain things arent going down properly and im almost feeling a little scared to eat , i think its because if i eat to fast it gets stuck , or if i dont chew enough it gets stuck so im sorta 2nd guessing myself all the time. when we were in the hospital i found it extremely hard to even find something to eat i ended up with an omelette and only ate a minimal amount and on another occasion a baked potato which was fine to eat but i felt bloated and a bit uncomfortable afterwards. Drinks are fine i tend to have J20 orange and passionfruit juice , tea , milk or squash. I am staying away from anything fizzy as suggested as i dont really wanna get bloated or cause my stomach to swell and im finding it ok actually… Who needs pop anyways.

As for exercise the only thing that ive been doing is walking , i have to get a medical note from my dr to say im well enough to use the gym and as yet i havent been able to get there to get one as my son has been sick , i really need to sort it out and soon as im worrying about the loose skin. i just brought the just dance so maybe i should start doing that in the meantime.







Its been a while

I would like to apolagise to anyone whose came here looking for an update on me i have been so slack recently , my son has been sick with a bad chest and it was also his birthday so had visitors and family celebrations going on so i just havent had much time to update.

So to the weigh in’s , as you all know i weight everything thursday last thursday 18th october i weighed in and id lost 4lbs that made my total weightloss 3st/42lb i am so happy about this 3st in 8 weeks is no mean feat for me considering in the past it took me 6 months to lose 2st.

18TH OCTOBER 2012 – 3st / 42lbs gone !!!

Now on to this weeks weigh in , as i said above its been my sons birthday so ive had some birthday cake and been out for food plus had a few glasses of wine all the things that you would think would effect your weight. I had a sneek peak in the week and i was exactly the same so i wasnt expecting much but i was pleasently surprised this morning when i had lost 1.5lb so my total weightloss now is 43.5lbs.

25TH OCTOBER 2012 – 43.5lbs down…. (started at 148.4kg)


The food situation has sort of come to a standstill latly i am still eating risotto , pasta and egg mainly but i am trying to introdruce stuff slowly. I tried some sea bass the other day which was lovley s deicded to try some again and i was sick i think its because i ate it to quick and to much normally i would get a warning but on that occasion the warning came to late. other things im having issue with is certain breads i have to eat them really really slow or i have trouble , today i managed some cheese on toast with the crusts cut off so that is a bonus.

Health wise i am feeling ok except for really achy bones , i am finding that my hips and bottom of my back are really aching , weirdly i had the same issues when i was lighter before maybe its the pressure coming off my bones or something who knows , i am still waiting for my follow up appointment which is 7th decemeber with the dietician i hope they will give me the vitamins i need then as i was told you got them 3 months after ,  i really dont wanna get any deficiancies or issues because of this.

People keep asking me if i feel any different and truth is no not really i did notice recently the weightloss when i looked in a long mirror as i dont have one at home its not something id seen often , i also went to the shops and brought a new top which was 2 sizes smaller than i was before so that made me very happy.

Here’s me looking a tad smaller than before.

5th post op weigh in

Today marks 8 weeks since my journey first started on 23rd August which was when i started the pre op diet , at that point i was 23st 5lb / 148.4kg /327lbs. So now we come to todays weigh in i had a sneek peek in the middle of the week and i was pleased to see it moving so today i am pleased to say my weight is 20st 9.5lb /131.3kg/289.5lbs which means i have lost so far 37lbs /2st 9lb /16.8kg


Well the food has been going really well i have slowly been adding new things like rice and pasta and just seeing how i go with it and so far so good , i am so much happier now and really feel like im getting in my stride with it all just to be able to eat something with a texture is fabulous , i am still having some trouble with eating bread but it seems to be better if i remove the crusts.

I have had three seperate episodes of issues though recently to , i had an omlette and from the first mouthfull it felt like it was getting stuck because i knew i hadnt had much i carried on eating a little more but the pain was getting worse so i stopped and sat for ages hoping the feeling would go away but it didnt i had a sip of drink and that was it had to run to the loo to be sick it wasnt the nicest experiance but it happens unfortunatly , i was also full of cold so maybe it was that and the fact maybe i didnt chew it enough , the other two episodes were like an IBS attack i used to have pre op i had servere stomach cramps and pretty much had to sit on the loo till i went so the pain eased off i have no idea if it was my IBS still or dumping syndrome but either way i have no idea what caused it to start as what i had eaten was what i was told i was allowed so fingers crossed i wont have to g0 through that again but i proberly will as its part and parcel.

Here’s some of the things ive been eating. Low fat Rice cakes with philidelphia light with chives , Egg on dry toast , Pasta with chicken and philly and Weight Watchers Mozzerella and butternut squash risotto. i am still only having minimal vegetables as there is a lot they tell you to avoid in the beginging and i have to make sure its chewable so peppers etc are out at the minute.

CM’s and INCH’s

As the title says i finally got around to mesauring myself today so hopefully i may notice a difference in more tan just weightloss , i also thought it was good to document it here so that i have it wrote down somewhere they are as follow….

4th October 2012

Neck : 43cm / 17in

Left & Right upper arms : 42cm / 16in

Left & Right Calfs : 53cm / 20in

Left Wrist & Right Wrist : 20 & 19cm / 7in

Left & Right Thighs : 79cm / 31in

Bust : 137cm / 53in

Under  Bust  : 137cm / 53in

Tummy : 149cm / 58in

Waist : 120cm / 47in


4th post op weigh in

I weighted myself this morning and i have lost 1.5lb bit disappointed but I am sick with a cold and tired so 1.5lb is wetter than nothing. I am now 133.4kg/294.1lb/21st exact I’ve lost 33lbs in total.



I personally cannot see any difference except for my face !!!

3rd Post Op Weigh In

Apoligies to anyone who has been on here looking for updates i have been very slack recently on here and been so busy i have not had much time to do anything.

This week i lost 3lb  i was a bit dissapointed but looking back over it i have just started more bulkier plus it was time of the month so its proberly all added up.

I now weight 134.1kg / 21st 1lb / 295.5lbs


Now i am no to the more textured food i am doing it after ten days on the pureed stuff whether thats right or wrong i feel ready to move up a stage and so far so good i am enjoying eating more normal foods but there is still a long way to go , but small steps and small portions is the key.

My Omlette i made today cheese and ham hock ~ Ate Half

2nd weigh in Post Op

I am now nearly 2 weeks post op (sat) and it is weight in time again , i am pleased to report that i am now….. * drum roll please*…. 135,4kg /21st 4lb / 298.5lb that is a loss of 29lbs/13kg in 4 weeks.

HOW I AM ???

Well im not gonna lie , these past few days have been terrible when you first have this op you dont feel like eating at all and you just wanna drink to “wet your whistle” so to speak and your in to much pain to worry about , it but once you start to introduce the yogurt/soup/jelly etc your ok for the first fea days but eventually you get sick of eating the same thing , my tongue is constantly white from all the dairy and it makes my mouth just taste generally rank , i have no other word for it so im forever gargling with mouthwash or eating gum just to get rid of the nasty taste. Physically im doing ok just get a little tired after a short walk but hpefully that should ease off the more i walk.

So luckily for me nothing has come back up its all stayed down and id been very sensible and stopped eating/drinking as soon as ive got any pain , two days ago i was chatting to my sister and i was saying how down i am i was at a point where i was opening the cupboard looking at the soup and then crying because i really couldnt stick it anymore , she said she felt the same way after she had it done and at that time she spoke to the dietcian and she said if she was ready she could start the puree stage they recommended anywhere after 10-14 days post op , to my delight i realised i was 10 days post op so i decided right that was it tomorrow i can start on puree 😀 i have never been so happy to see some different food.

I started off trying a biscuit dipped in tea so it was soggy that went down fine , so the next morning i had some porridge that to stayed down ok so i decided i would try cottage pie for dinner , kevin was great he mashed it all down for me and put loads of gravy on it to make it a bit more slushy , dont get me wrong it wasnt the nicest food ive ever had but it was defintly an improvment .